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maritime jobs
A large cargo container ship out to sea.

Looking to Build a Career with Maritime Jobs? Here is All You Need to Know

Are you looking to build a career in the maritime industry with a suitable job but have no idea how to go about it?

Or, are you someone who is looking to climb the ladder up in your career in the maritime industry but do not know what steps to take?

Well, we are here to help you out to find the best mariner jobs that you can find for a fulfilling career. There is no doubt that a maritime career is full of excitement and opportunities. There is no career quite like a maritime career.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits, the satisfaction offered by the job coupled with a variety of life-changing opportunities is enough for anyone to seek out maritime jobs.

Although the sector is brewing with myriads of opportunities, many professionals do not know what direction to go when looking to build a career in the field with a suitable cruise job.

Well, until now. Here, with this post, we are trying to bring you a comprehensive idea about the immense career opportunities for those looking for sea jobs anywhere in the world.

So without further ado, let’s begin:

Top 5 Maritime Jobs that Can Change Your Career for the Best

Master or Captain

As the name would suggest, this role would need you to be the master of the ship. You would be required to take care, lead, and discipline all the crew in a ship. And you will also be fully responsible to navigate both the crew and the passengers of your ship to safety in challenging circumstances.

Like any other captain, the Master is also in charge of the entire ship, the crew, and everything happens in the ship. Although, one of the most challenging roles in the entire jobs at sea, being the Captain is the most prestigious, as well.

Chief Engineer

Often called ‘The Chief’ or ‘Chief’, Chief Engineer is a role that endows you with the full responsibility of supervising all the engineering activities in a ship. This ranges from carrying out the regular repairs, maintenance, and safe operation of all the chief propulsion systems, the deck equipment, water-making equipment and all electrical appliances. It is also one of the most sought-after marine engineer jobs, too.

Along with the engineering part, you will also be required to have a thorough understanding of the inventory required for a long voyage. This also puts you in charge of collecting the necessary supplies. A Chief Engineer position will take you around the world mostly in diverse types of merchant vessels.

You also may find yourself working in cruisers, cruise liners, oil rigs, fishing trawlers, and more.

Second Mate or Third Mate

The watch keeper on board a ship, the Second Mate is responsible for the navigation of the ship. If you are a Second Mate, you are also considered the medical officer in the field. The distress signal equipment in the ship will be under your responsibility and you will be required to always ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew of the ship.

The safety equipment and its supply will be the responsibility of the Third Mate. The job is also called the Watch Stander as you are needed to stand watch for everyone in the sip.

Able Seaman

Also called AB Deckhand, the Able Seaman is responsible to watch the route of the ship from the helm or any other vantage point in the ship for any obstruction in the route. If any such obstructions are found, the Able Seaman must notify the Captain or the First Mate of the ship regarding this.

There will also be other responsibilities such as ensuring the maintenance of both the exterior and interior of the ship as the watch stander.

Able Seaman will also be required to carry out many other responsibilities as well. There are many able seaman jobs in UK that you try if you are looking to build a career and grow from there.

Ordinary Seaman

Easily one of the maritime jobs for beginners, the Ordinary Seaman is the apprentice to the Able Seaman. However, it does not mean that it is not a responsible job. Most of the time, this maritime job will need you to repair and clean the deck equipment on the instructions of the Able Seaman. Mostly, it will be general maintenance works that do not require any expert handling.

This is the position where you will find yourself at, during the beginning of your sea career. And it would be long before in this role before you are promoted.

Along with experience, you will need to carry out a plethora of certifications and courses to advance in your sea mariner career.

In addition, the jobs given above, there are many maritime jobs for aspiring candidates in the field. This can be broadly classified into diverse departments such as given below:

  • Deck Department
  • Engine Department
  • Catering Department

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Marine Jobs

One has to admit that the lure of sea jobs is truly impeccable. However, one also has to consider the challenges that come with it.

Here, we discuss both the advantages and the disadvantages of building a career with various maritime jobs.


  • One of the advantages of a marine job is that most countries provide tax immunity to them. This means that if you are in the sea for more than 183 days, then you are exempt from taxes.
  • Marine professionals can visit many places. One of the biggest advantages of getting a seaman job is that one can travel the world. As the seaman job sites vary, they have to travel to many countries.
  • Onshore jobs are easier to come by for mariners. Many maritime professionals find it easier to find jobs in the related field than most other professional engineers.
  • Maritime jobs also pay well for everyone. As most professionals are required to work full time in a ship, they are also compensated well.


  • As maritime jobs require professionals to be at sea for long months, they need to stay away from the outside world without much communication for months.
  • Marine jobs are often more demanding than other jobs. As most of the professionals work in a ship, they have to fight various challenging weather conditions.

Maritime jobs require professionals to move from one seaman jobsite to another in a short period of time. This may take a serious toll on the health of the professionals

What are the Best Companies to Work For in the Maritime Industry?

If you are looking to find a suitable company that you can work for in the field, there are several companies. However, you need to ensure that you are going to work with a company that can provide you with the best remuneration and career growth opportunities.

Here is a list that you can truly rely on to build a successful sea career:

  • Petrofac
  • Maersk
  • DNV
  • Subsea 7 
  • Stenaline
  • Solstad Offshore
  • Fugro seeks
  • Maritime and Coastguard
  • Agency
  • Teekay
  • Ambrey
  • RINA
  • Chevron

Now that you know all you need to know about building a career in the maritime industry, go ahead and make your own path.

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